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Stage 2
The Changing Rooms

Stage 2
The Changing Rooms

Let’s find out how Romans in Leicester used the baths.

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Before exercising or using the bath facilities, the Roman’s would get undressed in a Changing Room (apodyterium). You have brought your own cleaning items including strigils (curved blade to scrap off sweat and dirt), unguentum (oils and perfumes) and linteum (towel).

It was not wise to leave your belongings unattended. Privately owned assistants, or one hired at the baths, called a capsarius, would look after your belongings by placing them in either wooden chests (lockers) or small cubby holes in the wall.

The Legionary

Stage 2 Complete!

Well done! You have finished exploring The Changing Rooms! Are you ready to see what’s next?

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